Do you know who’s playing in the Super Bowl? Who are you rooting for?

What do you think about halftime performer Justin Timberlake? Is there anyone you’d rather see?


Alyssa Kennamer: I do not know who’s playing, although I was at a quilt meeting and there was some shade being thrown for some different teams. Everyone knows how down-home the Yellowstone Club is: I have heard about his, what is it, Man of the Woods? I think it’s garbage. I’d always want Beyoncé. Was it last year she came in and did a little Black Panther nod? [Ed. note: That was 2016. Last year was Lady Gaga.]


Kurt Hawkins: Philadelphia and New England. I’m against football in general because of TBI, the traumatic brain injury that’s occurring. I don’t think it should be allowed. Someone should expose his nipple: Is he going to rip anyone’s shirt off? I’m not a fan of Lady Gaga per se, but I thought her [halftime show] was amazing.


Bill Munoz: New England and Philadelphia. I’m hoping Philadelphia wins. It’s time to end the dynasty. Bring the KettleHouse to the Super Bowl: There’s dozens more I’d rather see than Justin. Nathaniel Rateliff. That’d be one hell of a show.


Kayla Nelson: No. No one. Misty Man of the Mountains Hop: No, I greatly enjoy his music. I have been waiting for so long for him to make a new album. One of his songs that is coming out is called “Montana,” so I’m really intrigued to know if he spent some time here and the mountains worked some magic on him.

Asked Tuesday afternoon at the Confident Stitch and Butterfly Herbs

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