What’s your dream car?

Have you ever bought a used car? How was the experience?


Matt Bell: Those new Teslas. I have a friend in the Seattle area who leased a Tesla and just driving around, riding in it is amazing. From what I hear they’re very safe, obviously great for people who are conscious about carbon output. A moonroof for your feet: I bought a ’72 El Camino when I was in high school. I took out the carpet and on the passenger side the floorboard had rusted out, so it was almost like Flintstones-style.


Jenny Lynn: My dream car right now is a minivan with air conditioning. Lots of room for lots of cakes, and robust air conditioning to keep the buttercream nice and cold. Dad cars: I always buy them from my dad’s friends.


Stephanie Swigart: A 2016 Subaru Outback. It’s super cliched for Missoula, but yes. Splitting hairs: My very first car I bought for myself, I paid cash for it. When I got home I took the sports bra off of it and it was all crashed up and I had specifically asked [the seller], “Has it ever been in an accident?” She was like, “Well, that to me is just like a fender bender. That’s not actually an accident.”


Carolyn Grimaldi: My dream car is a 1960s Volvo sports car. Carz dot com: We just bought a used car this winter. It was a little strange because we did it online. It’s gone OK. There were some little weird things that now we’re just noticing.

Asked Monday evening at the ZACC

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