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Street Talk: City envy edition

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This week, we report on a survey of Great Falls residents that found they wish their city were more like Missoula.

Which city do you wish Missoula were more like?

Which city do you most fear Missoula becoming more like?

Autumn Thompson

Autumn Thompson: I like Missoula the way it is. I grew up in the Midwest, so I’m more familiar with cities like Chicago and Indianapolis. Missoula’s unique, and I love that about it. Mo money mo problems: Bozeman. I wouldn’t want Missoula to be way too gentrified. Bozeman has too much money!


Mike Alterowitz: I grew up in Billings and I like Missoula exactly the way it is. I wouldn’t want it to be more like Great Falls or Billings. Or that other college town: It’s not something I fear, but I would not like to see Missoula become more like Bozeman. I thought Bozeman’s downtown wound up losing its soul, and I think Missoula still has its.


Monte Mills: I’d say a city like San Francisco or San Antonio, mostly because I think cities like that have much more diversity. Piling on: It’s cliched, but Bozeman. My sense is cities like Bozeman are losing their soul.


Lima Tay: That’s a hard question. I’ve been here four weeks. I’ve only seen parts of the city. Maybe Sydney, Australia, It’s more warm there. Save open space: Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where I’m from. We make change a lot. We have a lot of high buildings, and we eliminate a lot of land to make room for them.


Erin White: Missoula is so uniquely itself that, in terms of personality, I don’t want it to be like anywhere else. But I certainly think there’s room for growth or improvement. Never change: No place specifically, but I would hate to see Missoula lose its values of community and support and tolerance, and just the spirit of curiosity and creativity. It’s a great place to live.

Asked Wednesday morning at Black Coffee Roasting Co.

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