Dept. of corrections

While I fully support the opinion page and granting everyone access to express their opinions, rants, raves and other manners of lunacy and idiocy in letters to the editor (“Someone call science!,” Voices, Jan. 11), in this case it would have been great if the Indy did indeed call science (someone, anyone) to write a response to this letter to be published along with it. Here we have mass spewing of misinformation, or at least information completely misinterpreted. There is so much here to correct that I am just going to provide a simple analogy to make it clear. While your glass of water may contain nearly 100 percent water, if you put a few drops of cyanide in it, would you still gladly drink it? There is a vital and intrinsic difference between the words “significant” and “dominant,” which the letter writer clearly does not yet understand in this context. I’ll end with a lyric to sum it up—do you know it? “Our words held no water, but we used them like a dam.”

Matt Jones


Everybody’s racist!

I am a parent of a child who attends Bonner School. The school does not observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day and instead, they take a random day off the next Monday. Besides being extremely inconvenient for working families, I find this to be very offensive. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the most inspirational and courageous leaders of the civil rights movement, but also an incredible American who deserves to be honored. At best, this lack of observance for MLK is ignorant. At worst, it’s a symptom of the systemic racism that plagues our country.

Christian Meny


Never forget

I’m a little late in getting to this, but I suspect it will be of continuing relevance over the next 10 months. In your “Bold Predictions 2018” piece (Jan. 4), you referred to Rep. Greg Gianforte as having “body-slammed a reporter.”

Those were the words of his stunned, incredulous victim. What Gianforte did, though, and what he has admitted to, and been convicted of, is legally defined as “assault.” Calling it “body-slamming” is colorful and evocative, but it trivializes the act to the level of a cartoonish, almost heroic act. It was a furious (listen to the tapes), unprovoked assault on a credentialed member of the news media who was simply doing his job.

No editor or journalist should forget that on the eve of his election as Montana’s sole member of the United States House of Representatives, Greg Gianforte criminally assaulted a member of the media. Casting it flippantly, even in such a playful story, is a disservice to his victim, to members of the media and to Montana’s voters.

Russ Lawrence


The whole story

Interesting! But do Missoulians really need a third-party excercise sales company (“Exercise disrupter ClassPass comes to town with plans to hire 50,” Jan. 4)? With a staff near 50, I have to believe they’d be selling “classes” nationwide. Must be directed to heavy travelers that don’t have a possible schedule to follow.

Tim Hanson

Editor’s note: As the story noted, ClassPass services aren’t available to Missoula consumers. The new Missoula office will administer ClassPass business in cities where the service is available to consumers.

Mind the weed gap

The initiative and subsequent law passed by the Legislature last year will not protect Montana providers until the Department of Health issues licenses and starts regulating the program (“Montana’s top cops mum on defending medical marijuana after Sessions announces new direction,” Jan. 11). Regulation is long overdue in Montana, and I just hope the U.S attorney’s office at least gives Montana providers a chance to comply before they enforce. Leaving providers alone that strictly follow state law is the right thing to do.

Bobby Long

Just not bath salts

Well with all the meth heads in this state, our attorney Kurt Alme should tell Sessions to go pound salt. We have bigger fish to fry.

Ben Kares

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