Artless dodger

Seldom-seen Sen. Daines first introduced S2206 in Washington, D.C., proposing release of Montana Wilderness Study Areas, and is now trying to backfill an illusion of local public involvement with after-the-fact, selective meetings, artlessly dodging a large segment of local constituents (“Opposition mounts to Sen. Daines’ wilderness study area bill,” Feb. 6). Daines is a top-down D.C. politician hiding from people back home.

Among those Daines selected to be correctly informed about the schedule of his rigged public meetings are Bitterroot Backcountry Cyclists and the Backcountry Sled [snowmobile] Patriots, who are working to reverse WSA protections through litigation. They would smash the pie to get a piece.

If WSAs are released, prevailing Roadless Rule and Forest Plan regulations would allow both logging and road-building in much of the former WSA acreage. This would doom the “backcountry” these groups purportedly love.

When is enough pie not enough?

I consider myself an American patriot. I love and work to protect democracy and our “motherland,” not just figuratively but the land itself that sustains us. Wilderness is the gold standard of land protection; its protection embodies respect and humility as does true democracy.

Daines is betraying both democracy and wilderness; release Daines, not WSAs.

Larry Campbell


Usual suspects

Daines’ bill seems to have three main groups of proponents: government-hating libertarians, resource extraction companies and anyone to whom “wilderness” means a place to go tearing around on ATVs and snowmobiles.

Brad Craig

Digging Slotnick

I enthusiastically support Josh Slotnick, who is running as a Democrat for the Board of Missoula County Commissioners. Josh has been my friend, farmer and colleague for nearly 20 years. Without a doubt, he is one of the most hard-working and civic-minded people I know.

Josh has deep roots in Missoula County. After growing up in North Dakota, he moved here at 18 to attend the University of Montana. He later served in the Peace Corps, and earned graduate degrees in agricultural extension and in ecological horticulture. Then, 25 years ago, he returned to Missoula, started an organic farm with his wife, raised three children and became an educator. Josh is probably best known in the community as the head, heart and hands behind the much-loved PEAS farm.

Josh cares deeply about this place and the people who live here. Now, he wants to contribute in a new way, as an elected official. You can learn more at: As a commissioner, he will bring a strong record of collaboration and a can-do spirit that we clearly need in politics today. Never afraid of hard work, Josh will dig in and get things done. Please join me in supporting Slotnick for county commissioner.

Neva Hassanein


Voting for Josh

In the 35 years that I’ve been privileged to live in Missoula County, I have been delighted to see how our community embraced regrowing our local food economy and protecting our farmland. One of the people who worked to make this happen is Josh Slotnick, who is running for county commissioner. Josh is a philosopher and farmer, a thinker and a doer, who has been nourishing Missoula body and soul for many years. He was one of the founders of Garden City Harvest and helped protect two urban farms for the long term: the PEAS farm and the River Road farm. These farms provide food, education and inspiration to folks of all ages. But Josh realizes that Missoula County faces many tough problems: affordable housing, farmland protection, growth pains. And local government must involve all its citizens in taking action to find the best solutions. Josh is a good listener and invites all viewpoints. He’s a visionary who sees Missoula’s many possible futures, and an inspiring team builder and leader who can help us work for a future in which our kids will feel as lucky to live in Missoula County as I do. Vote for Josh!

Vicki Watson


Buzz off, Brooks

I can’t remember a time when I witnessed a violent gun. The author (“Brooks: If you see something, saw something,” Feb. 21) likes the term gun violence and mistakenly blames the amount of firearms in hands of overwhelmingly law abiding and sane Americans for horrific events.

Chuck Haynes

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