When I went to see far-right speaker Trevor Loudon at a Last Chance Patriots event on Monday, I was intending to report his theories about how our government is infiltrated with secret Communists and how undocumented immigrants are a threat to freedom because they vote for Democrats (after they are no longer undocumented and can vote, one assumes).

Loudon is from New Zealand, and one thing I know about New Zealand is that it's produced many of my favorite bands, from the Dead C to the Chills to the Clean.

Loudon gave me a little time for questioning before he spoke, and he was deeply into his talking points and delivering what seemed like some pretty well-trod responses. To be fair, I had asked him things like: what is his problem with Marxism in the first place? (He doesn't like the fact that it pits the working class against capitalists.)

I'm not interested in making his positions seem reasonable by humanizing him—you have to be pretty far out on the fringe, or fail to adequately code your language about immigrants, to be denied a platform on Fox or Breitbart these days—but during the interview I did want to get him out of rote-answer mode. So I asked what his favorite New Zealand bands are.

Here's his answer, with bonus Breitbart content.

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