Steve Daines and Greg Gianforte were in Missoula for the High Tech Jobs Summit on Monday.

What jobs do you think we need more of?

Who's your least-favorite tech mogul?

Kevin Joyce: I don't think we should just be, "any jobs." I think Missoula has a certain culture and special thing about it. Maybe more of what we already have? Maybe here's the point: I live in Las Vegas, I moved there for a job. Not a Prime situation: [Jeff] Bezos. Bezos is kind of this libertarian jerk.

Charlie Katerba: Montana in general just needs more STEM jobs. There are lots of college students that are getting STEM degrees at MSU and the University of Montana, and they're unable to stay in Montana. But don't you wish he'd kept his old job: [Greg] Gianforte.

Alexis Billings: I think there needs to be more support for science and science outreach. I know our country doesn't support that right now, but Missoula is a special place, and maybe Missoula can support that. You wouldn't want to get in the backseat of a cab with him: I don't like the Uber guy [recently ousted CEO Travis Kalanick]. That sounds real sketch.

Kim Trueman: I think we need more industrial jobs, as long as they're community-conscious with the environment. We need better-paying career jobs, not just general labor, service industry jobs. BNSF is a sponsor, so that counts: I don't deal with tech very much. I don't like monopoly companies like the railroads, that are necessary, but they have such control.

Cheyann Trueman: I like Montana the way it is. You have your outdoorsy jobs along with your business. I like it the way it is. Everything I've ever been interested in, there's been a job in. Disrupt thrift: The guy who owns Goodwill. He doesn't buy any of the things he sells, and all his employees work for minimum wage.

Asked Saturday at the Clark Fork Market

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