This week’s issue is the Independent’s Year in Review.

What was the biggest local story of 2017?

What was the biggest thing that happened to you?


Phil Guay: Mountain Water. I think it’s good for the public to own the water supply. I’m from Butte, and I remember when the water system was privately owned there and the consequences that has. Water is such an incredible public resource and it ought to be owned and controlled by the public. For future generations: It’s the birth of a grandson.


Shea Mann: I would have to say after the election when the Missoula Rises community really came together, and they’ve been doing a lot this year that’s been very impactful to me, because it’s been nice to see we have like-minded folks around town that get together and use social media for something more important than just sharing selfies and food pictures. So tell us what this all means: I also graduated from the university this year with a degree in philosophy and history.


Joel Connolly: Gianforte. I thought it was absolute garbage that he got away with it as long as he did. The personal is political: Probably the election, again. Anything, really, that Trump did in the presidency was a big thing for me because it was just horseshit. Sorry.


Scott Dufner: Bobby Hauck. We’re anxiously optimistic that he’ll succeed. Excited and nervous at the same time. Maybe we’ll return to our glory days. Let your kids grow up to be Bobcats: Both my kids graduated from MSU this year, and I got a new job two months ago. Big events.

Asked Tuesday afternoon at Imagine Nation Brewing.

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