Last weekend, the Audubon Society held its annual Christmas bird count across North America, including Missoula.

What’s the last bird you remember seeing?

What’s your favorite bird to eat or hunt?


Blaize Huntley: A Seahawk doesn’t count, does it? I saw two bald eagles on my drive over here. They were kind of going at it. It was kind of distracting while I was driving, but it was really cool. Duck dynasty: Duck, for eating and hunting. I like the fattiness, how good it tastes.


Tony Zook: I saw a beautiful owl while driving into my driveway two or three days ago. It landed right on a car. My wife and I stopped and got out and looked at it. My wife did tell me the name of it, but I can’t remember it now. Pick one: I don’t really hunt. I’d probably say a turkey to eat. I’ve had some good duck, too. And pheasant. I’ll have to go with turkey, though.


Sandi Nelson: I definitely saw some crows when I was walking from my home to downtown, hanging outside Fresh Market. Elmer’s choice: I like duck. It’s one of the game birds that isn’t too gamey.


Jordan Cox: There was a woodpecker in my tree this morning. He’s always there, and you can hear him. Sometimes he bangs on the tin roof. It came first: Probably just chicken. Is that too boring?


Rob Domenech: A golden eagle that my crew captured and banded on the MPG ranch in Florence. I run a small nonprofit research and education organization where we do raptor research and education programs. We have four people down there working full time to capture, band, tag and take blood samples from bald and golden eagles. Pecking order: Maybe Good Food Store rotisserie chicken or mom’s roast chicken.

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