Well not just like..

Religion is like old news! ("Church split on gay bishop, May 4). When are we going to wake up and begin treating churches just like we treat corporations? As long as Citizens United stands, churches of all religions should pay taxes! After all, they support political causes, just like any corporation buying votes!

Tim Leifer


Shades of Green

Most Berniecrats I know are now proud Independents ("Berniecrats gone Green," May 4). They are affiliating with IndependentVoting.org, OpenPrimaries.org and other groups working to restore democracy for our country. Greens in the U.S. have not had a winning philosophy since Ralph Nader left. They do not have a positive image, while European Greens have done reasonably well. Until we have open primaries, open debates, ranked choice voting and automatic registration, no third party can succeed. Forty-four percent of Americans are now independent/unaffiliated rather than choosing to belong to any political party.

Charlotte Scot


Maybe gun up?

For an article that basically calls both these candidates "basic AF," there is no mention of the third candidate, Mark Wicks ("Rube tube," May 4). By ignoring the "other guy" you are doing a huge disservice to democracy. I expect more of a supposedly "independent" paper. You are not showing the full picture, but then again, what media outlet does?

Brandon Wasser


Pack the suit

Montanans have a rare opportunity to turn the tide by electing Rob Quist. Greg Gianforte is a wealthy suit from New Jersey. Send him packing. He could care less about the average Montanan.

Mary Costello



Respectfully: The biggest issue of the Montana special election is the Montana mail-in ballot. Risking defeat by doing the right thing is the very definition of courageous. And in this case what's right was profoundly clear, unequivocal, and laid squarely in the hands of one Republican candidate, Greg Gianforte—a failure in this test of courage.

Montana sawyers show courage when we fall that six-ton widow maker. Montana farmers show courage when we lay down hard cash for fuel and seed and fertilizer on a bet that we'll get a fair price for the crop. Montana truck drivers show courage when we take that mountainside switchback and feel our load of logs shift for the third time that day. Montana ranchers know courage when we doctor and tag the 20th spring calf in front of three-quarter tons of protective mama cow. Montana mothers show courage when they forego spring fashion to put a better meal on the table for their family or face the scorn of a deeply loved but errant teenager.

Rob Quist showed courage by doing the honest thing and calling for a mail-in ballot. He was told that any one of those mail-in votes could be cast while a love-Trump and hate-Democrats commercial was blasting on a TV or radio, and he had the guts to ask for a money-saving mail-in ballot anyway. Rob Quist has the courage to drive all across our state dodging animals and potholes on slick two-lane roads to ask for votes in counties that are openly hostile to Democrats. Those same counties that will now be taxed extra by a so-called conservative Montana Legislature gaming the system for its hand-picked candidate. Rob Quist has the guts to show up in front of neighbors and naysayers to explain how he worked his way back from financial embarrassment—an issue that has been exaggerated by dirty politics and a complicit newspaper.

And what do you see from Greg Gianforte? Threatening commercials bombarding the airwaves. Backdoor electioneering with blacked-out money. And now he hopes to win by bringing a Trump kid in to close a deal that Greg can't manage by himself.

Politics has a lot to do with money and power and promises of the future. But representing Montana is all about courage. In this campaign we got a good look at courage. On Election Day, you can show some courage and vote for Rob Quist. Because what future do we have if we are represented by someone who's failed a Montana-style test of courage?

Jerry McDonald

Thompson Falls

Who you calling cheap?

It's cheap to buy Montana. Our media market is small. Big money from out of state can afford to buy lots of negative ads and think they can get a wannabe Montanan from New Jersey misrepresenting Montana in Washington, D.C.

If you are making your choice of candidate based on TV, you are being bought. Think again. Back in D.C., the crony political insiders are cheering. The wealthy wonks want one of their own, who will let your interests down and stand with them instead.

Fortunately, Montana often shows the country we aren't for sale. I hope that will be the case May 25.

Carolyn Beecher


Probably just shy

Greg Gianforte is employing a bizarre avoidance strategy to win the special election. Hiding at private events, with an endless budget for attack ads, he has curiously managed to avoid meeting with the public he aspires to represent.

Gianforte has held so few events open and promoted to the public that if one did not watch local television, one might be surprised he was running for public office at all. He clearly believes that meeting with the public either comes with too high a risk of saying something out of touch or he simply does not care what you and I think. It is both amazing and disturbing that Montana is even considering electing Gianforte to be our sole representative when he has such a revulsion to meeting with us.

Montana needs a representative who will meet with us, listen to our voices, and stand with us. Gianforte has proven he is not that person. This is why Montana needs to reject him a second time.

Jake Dolan


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