Locker room talk

Priority #1, the Griz players comforts. As we say in Iowa: "pig shit" ("At UM, the future is in cherry wood lockers," July 13). The number of salaries and lower costs for all students that would have been affected by that amount of money is staggering. By the way, I don't care who paid for it, it is a slap in the face to those educators and staff laid off by budget issues.

Julie Morris Howard

Academic champions

Do any of you realize the family that donated $7 million of this has donated tens of millions of dollars to UM that went to academics? Ever heard of the Phyllis J. Washington College of Education & Human Services? Try educating yourselves a little. By the way, what have you done for UM lately?

Peter Aklestad


The rogue county commission hired Valerie Stamey for about $50,000 per year (plus health insurance!) and almost simultaneously shut down the valley's family planning clinic by refusing $50,000 in Title X funding ("The strange and continuing saga of former Ravalli County Treasurer Valerie Stamey," July 13). That was in September of 2013, and Stamey was a known far-right crony to the likes of extremist commissioners Burrows, Foss, Stoltz and their Republican Central Committee boss, Terry Nelson (who is still collecting $50,000/year plus health insurance as the county's unqualified "planning office manager," even after he's perpetrated such debacles on the county as the failed and costly Legacy subdivision). It was bad enough in September 2013 when these ideologues threw 400 low-income women under the bus in favor of an unqualified crony, and then it got worse. And worse, and worse. And these people are still in charge. Surprised about Trump being prez? Not in Ravalli County. By God.

Bill LaCroix

And more Trump?

Dan Brooks is a master at satire, given that he is able to ice this cake of uber-irony provided by not-fake news. It is Trumpian-scale projection that Stamey blames somebody else for making her look incompetent. To see the three-ring circus continue, tune in to the disciplinary hearing for serial frivolous-litigation lawyer Robert Myers at 3:30 p.m. July 20 at the Missoula downtown Holiday Inn. That could provide some less consequential comic relief from the presidential tweet fest.

Larry Campbell

The silent majority

In 1974, two years after Nixon won the White House in the biggest landslide in history, it was nearly impossible to find anyone who would admit having voted for him ("Lynsey G. has seen the good, the bad and the weird of pornography. Let's talk about it," July 13).

Similarly, with porn tying up a third of the internet's bandwidth and surveys showing that at least nine of 10 Americans watch porn, it is nonetheless difficult finding those who admit doing so.

John Kevin Hunt

Neighborhood watch

We live close to there now, and it definitely has gotten worse since we were kids ("Concerned neighbors press for change at the Hollywood Mobile Home Park," June 29). I talked to my mom about it. Used to just be a normal trailer court. The one next to it is bad too. There are always cops patrolling the area.

Rachel Michelle

The way we were

When I lived there almost 20 years ago it was a safe and clean place. Sad to see it now.

Sarah Elizabeth

The eye knows

I'm in the neighborhood daily, and my past profession allows me the gift of sight. It needs to go. It's a breeding ground for dangerous drug use and theft.

Cliff Stacy

Lawyered up

KEI failed to keep proper records and is trying to evict rent-paying residents ("Tracking a mobile home park's decades-long decline," July 13). This is not the first time either—it happens every six months or so.

I've lived here for almost 10 years, had very few minor issues throughout the years until KEI bought it and claimed we aren't paying rent. They are difficult to contact, impossible to meet, and have now gotten their lawyer to run their business.

They claimed that we have not been paying rent for three years. Yes, three years. And owe them $6,600. Now we have to prove otherwise.

Chris Skinner

Keep trailers cheap

Sad thing is they will probably evict everyone and [build] fancy condos. It would be a nice change to see the owners do what is right and clean it up. Missoula needs affordable housing, not more rich getting rich.

Kristina Wasson

The canoe view

Thank you. Your description of the Arctic Refuge and why Americans need to keep these spaces wild and free was wonderful ("Zinke's Interior agenda isn't good for vets or land," July 13). Thank you for your service!

Patricia Kouris

Who you calling 'rag'?

Admittedly well after the fact, I only learn today from an April 2017 article in the Lee Enterprises-owned Missoulian that even this rag, the Independent (ha!) is now being published under the corporate media omniscience of freaking Lee Enterprises. Given the direction that any number of issues specific to Montana are heading, as well as with respect to the history of corporate monopolization of public-interest affairs here, I would ask that your readers take this gross mischaracterization seriously, as personified by the actual title of your paper. Again, "Independent." Ha!

Fine time for a legitimately autonomous—as in independent—journalist to take this issue into the popular press realm. You folks should be ashamed.

PJ Reed

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