Left a bad taste, huh?

I love the Independent and look forward to reading it every week. I always turn first to the food column and this week was horrified and disgusted to find Andrea Grimes' Resistance Kitchen ("Whoops it's soup," Feb. 9). With a mouth like a sewer and an abysmally poor writing style Andrea proceeded to desecrate the very idea of a food column. Was she drunk when she wrote this? I don't know if this is indicative of what passes for writing in the Bay Area, but I am accustomed to a much higher caliber of prose from our local authors. Please don't carry her column again.

Pattie Fialcowitz


One sane senator

If "Jon thinks what President Trump called Sen. Warren is offensive," and if "Jon takes the integrity of our elections very seriously," then Jon needs to speak up ("Here's what happened during Sen. Tester's luncheon with President Trump last week," missoulanews.com, Feb. 15). This is not the time for silence. We need our one sane senator to speak the f**k up!

Suzanne Siegel

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Worked for her

Adult and Teen Challenge changed my life ("Lawsuit opens a window on faith-based addiction treatment," Feb. 9). I learned to not be lazy. I learned to turn to Christ for strength, to be the best mother, wife and woman I can be. They have taught and given me the tools to handle any difficulty and struggle that could come my way, no matter how big it is. They have shown me that I am not alone and that I am always loved and always was loved by God, even when I was at my worst. They taught me to turn my sorrow to joy. Life is not all peaches and ice cream, but I have the skills I need to overcome the hard times. That is because a group of people didn't give up on me. They give their time willingly to help a bunch of lost, hurt, angry people. You sign up for Teen Challenge voluntarily, and if you read the information before you say yes, it tells you exactly how the program works. Sure there are flaws, but what program or even workplace doesn't have flaws? They learn from them and build a better program or business. That's just how life rolls. There are always going to be situations that you will be made aware of that you didn't know were happening, and Adult and Teen Challenge is committed to taking care of any problems that arise.

Jamie Lee Stotts Wilson

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Let stinking dogs lie

Trump lies and blusters constantly to guard his exquisitely thin skin. It's like your dog rolling in smelly stuff—he's been told it's bad, but he just can't help himself. Real leaders have self discipline—Tester was wise not to take the baits Trump offered to Democratic senators ("Here's what happened during Sen. Tester's luncheon with President Trump last week," missoulanews.com, Feb. 15).

The election margin debate is a clear loser for Trump, and Warren is plenty capable of defending herself from slurs. Don't jump into that stinky pile with Trump—that's his turf!

We need Sen. Tester to stay on-target with the real issues regarding Trump: forcing release of the president's taxes, uncovering the Trump campaign's connections to Russia and revealing the full extent of foreign interference in our elections. U.S. leaders, Democratic and Republican, must demand immediate, bipartisan and transparent investigations of all these issues.

Self discipline and leadership are not shown only by withholding from unwise actions. You also have to do the right thing when that thing is needed, even if it's difficult. Tester must actively lead Congress to start a real inquiry into Trump's campaign now. Just let dogs like Trump lie in their own stink.

David Morris

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Over the line

I've read many an article in the Independent over the years that I have found belligerently antagonistic toward the Christian community here in Missoula and at large. I have never taken offense by it because I understand that the Independent is a paper with a view that caters to the Missoula populace, which, as we know, is widely liberal and increasingly secular. After reading your article about Teen Challenge, I've decided not to hold my tongue. I have personally seen the Teen Challenge ministry change women's lives from despair and addiction to freedom and hope. Teen Challenge has given countless women the skills, attitudes, opportunity and environment that they needed to make a new start. You chose to place the focus of your article about this noble charity on one or two negative experiences someone had—someone for whom Teen Challenge was obviously not the right fit. But who are you to demean and bully the hundreds of struggling women and children for whom this was exactly the right fit? Who are you to malign another soul's search for meaning and spirituality in their lives? It isn't a "homophobic statement" by some TV personality that ruffles your feathers, it's Christianity in general. While you make conjectures about homophobia, you practice Christophobia. I'll finish with this: Christians do not fear or hate gay people. It simply plagues secular people that God calls homosexuality a sin. Christians also understand what the "Free Thinkers" at the Independent are selectively ignorant of: As far as sin is concerned we are on equal ground, and every last one of us, gay, straight and everything in between, needs Christ, and needs to be redeemed from sin. You don't have to like it, but that is who we are, and we aren't going away, nor will we evolve to be more comfortably compatible with your preferences and subjective worldview. Our faith is our identity. So go ahead, continue to practice your hypocrisy with smug self-congratulatory pseudo-moralism. It's nothing new. We've been living alongside you for 2,000 years—we know how to take it on the chin. We may not seem sophisticated to you from your ivory tower, but what you can't perceive from that is height is the peace that passeth understanding, in our lives and on our deathbeds.

Patricia Pardee

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