He didn't vote

So City Councilman Jon Wilkins gets to vote on a no-bid $250,000 city contract with Missoula Correctional Services (MCS), which employs his wife as CEO at a $120,000 annual salary ("Personal conflict shadows city's jail diversion impasse," July 27). MCS a nonprofit? Certainly not for Wilkins' wife, whose salary eats up almost half the the cost of the contract. What is wrong with this picture? Are there no anti-nepotism laws at the local level? Or is everyone involved, including Judge Jenks, just ethically challenged? Vote them out!

Mark Taishoff


Grade on a curve?

They should all walk out. The budget increase is horrible. A big grade F to all of them.

Robert Dunlop


Easier said than done

They all need to get over their own egos, which is a huge problem in Missoula politics, and do what's right for the people of the city.

Mike McNamara


Oh good, banning...

Interesting article ("Are you ready for the Democratic Socialists of America?" Aug. 10). Truth is, the Democratic Socialists of America should be banned in this country. In other times it would have been deemed a treasonous organization.

Ed Kugler


In other news

There was also a cookout hosted by the IWW Missoula branch that around 40 people attended ("Wobbly like me?" Aug. 7). At 7 there was a dinner hosted by Amanda Curtis at the Carpenters Hall with a folk singer for entertainment. It was broadcasted by the radio station located in the same building. But yeah, it was just a bunch of old people hanging out at a cemetery. Maybe you should hire journalists who actually do better research, Missoula Independent. Another thing, that woman singing the extra verses to "Solidarity Forever"? That was Amanda Curtis. The writer of this article is attempting to be a journalist in Montana and can't even recognize well-known figures in state politics. The lack of professionalism displayed through the obvious failure of journalistic effort is astounding.

Tristan Hodgson


Clean the slate

God, let there be a way for us to get rid of every single regent we have now and just start over ("University regents retreat and self-assess after a leadership rift," Aug. 10). The UM system can afford no less.

Greg Strandberg


Daines' anatomy

Our only hope is for Bullock to run against Daines in 2020 ("Steve Daines takes the easy way out—again—on health care," July 27). Until then, it will be amazing if Daines does anything but give lip service to his constituents while voting for the interests of the wealthy. He is spineless, which explains how his head got where it is.

Bob Skogley


Meth on the brain

I asked Steve Daines about his responsibility in protecting thousands of Montanans who are on medical cannabis (since, you know, we voted in support of it twice now) when the confirmation for Jeff Sessions was being debated, and his staffers just rambled on about meth like that had anything to do with my question.

Jason Murrin


Follow the money

Follow the Citizens United money and you will find Daines at the trough with the rest of the greedy pigs.

Bob Dannic


Some show

He will vote for any bill that takes health care away from the less fortunate. Any discussion with constituents is for show.

Jay Sinnott


Tools of a feather

I keep trying to stifle it and chalk it up to a biased opinion, but I just can't help thinking that every white male Republican politician looks like a complete tool.

Holly Hjelmsted


Personality contest

The doldrums—yawn ("What stands between Steve Bullock and the presidency?" July 27). Come on Dems. The only Montanan who has the personality to win the presidency is former Gov. Schweitzer.

Miranda Avery


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