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I'm one of your longtime admiring readers and am very, very happy that you intend to continue the top-flight publishing of your top-flight newspaper. I think the May 11 issue is especially praiseworthy, from the genius of the "Muddy the Waters" cover to the ever-faithful Rockin Rudy's ad on the back. I'm many years beyond the average age of your readers, so I know something: The Missoula Independent stands out as a model of intelligent, straightforward, clear-thinking journalism, and of precise usage of our mother tongue (which, I have to say, is crumbling in published material everywhere, leaving us readers to guess what might have happened and who might have done it). I hope your younger readers are learning from the Independent to expect high standards of reporting and opinion writing and to value what I think of as the Independent's good will and best wishes for Missoula. You have my gratitude and admiration for keeping on in spite of the upset that has fallen upon you.

Marylor Wilson


Thanks for watching

Your rationale and conclusion is far more understandable than that offered by the Missoulian ("The Missoulian's Gianforte endorsement? We beg to differ," May 18). You know all of us are worried about your future, and so we will all be watching for signs of coercion and disregard for the stances and positions you have worked so hard to maintain.

Mike Jakupcak


Party animals

You're spot-on about party platforms. Nobody agrees with everything on either platform, but voting for someone from a party that you mostly agree with is infinitely preferable to voting for someone from a party you mostly disagree with and that consistently does things you disagree with.

Not voting because a candidate doesn't appeal to you? Hardly any elected person gets things done as an individual. Party candidates who take office generally vote with the party, and generally based on the party's platform.

Rob Quist will vote with Democrats. I voted for him.

Ed Childers


Busted. Or something.

The Missoula Independent is the banner-waving liberal think tank of the area ("Task force fears cuts," May 18). Its readers are made up of folks often wondering why America is wasting so much money in a war on drugs. I'm speculating past editorials supporting the same subject, ending the war on drugs, now come out against the president who may, might, is rumored to cut funding on the war on drugs. Very smelly fish wrap.

Chuck Haynes



Take it from this old UM Missoula hippie: This article is fear-mongering ("Gunning up," May 18). Who are the fascist thugs shutting down freedom of speech? Not conservative Americans. You haven't done your research if you're going to lump conservative Americans and Montanans with the ridiculous and minuscule Klan goons. We're your grannies who show up at the T-ball field and feed you dinner afterward and read you bedtime stories. We're the only glue holding this state and nation together. I expect better reporting from the Independent.

Virginia Leinart


Quist 'r' us

My name is Sam Orr, I'm from Missoula and I, like a lot of Montanans, have a pre-existing condition. It's not that noticeable, but I am on the autistic spectrum and have struggled with high-functioning Asperger syndrome my whole life. Some of the things I struggle with are minor. I have some small social anxiety and I talk fast sometimes when I'm nervous. I have been fortunate, though, with the education I have received, as well as being a part of my community through political activism, theater and music. However, I was appalled when I heard that current U.S. Congress candidate Greg Gianforte was "thankful" for "Trump Care" getting passed in the House of Representatives because it gives millionaires like him another tax break, while kicking Montanans with pre-existing conditions off Medicaid. I stand with Rob Quist because he, too, has a pre-existing condition due to a botched gallbladder surgery that put him deep into debt with medical bills. He's just like us, and would fight for us in Washington, D.C. The whole country will be looking at Montana this week, and we shouldn't disappoint. Vote Rob Quist on May 25.

Sam Orr



Some people will do, say, exploit or kill anything for the next fix of petrodollars ("Right of the dial," May 18). It gets easier when the message is tightly controlled by fomenters/profiteers of America's biggest monkey on the back of the world.

Jay Toups


Pod people

Let me see if I understand this correctly. Montana is the fourth-largest state (146,000-plus square miles) with a population of slightly more than 1 million people represented by three members in Congress.

Now we are asked to consider one candidate who was previously the employer of one of the current members representing us in Congress. Not only did the two of them retire as multimillionaires from their firm when it was sold, but they live in the same town and they share skepticism regarding established science regarding the Earth's age. It comes as no surprise they are both climate change doubters.

The point is, given Montana's vast size, population scarcity, and the diversity of its people, is it really in our best interest to have two peas from the same pod casting two of our three votes in Congress on issues of great significance to all our people? It is my suggestion that separate and independent views are preferable to an echo.

Bob Hendricks


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