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"Campaigns were conducted by simply the opening of a barrel, and sowing the state from one end to the other with corporation money, the largest barrel winning in the end. This extravagant campaigning prevented the election of any but the wealthy or those supported by special interests."

That's E.H. McDowell in the February 1910 Terry Tribune.

My vote is not for sale. Rob Quist is the man I want to represent me in Congress.

Carole Mackin

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So, more money?

Any political seat in the United States will cost big money to buy. Name recognition is essential because the public is uninformed and just blackens the circle beside the name they have seen on TV or on billboards without knowing what the candidate thinks about a given issue.

Jan Cochran

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Go Green

Nearly everyone I know expresses Green values when they speak about what they want and need for their families and communities ("Could the special congressional election give Montana's Green Party a foot in the door?" March 30). Most people know the reason we don't get what we want is due to the influence of wealthy and corporate donors. The Green Party is the only party that does not take dollars from corporations or PACS. The Green Party works for health care for all, ranked-choice voting so we don't have to choose the lesser evil, elimination of the crushing student debt that is ruining the lives of our young people, and the Green New Deal to bring good-paying jobs to all of us who just want to be able to work and support our families without destroying the planet we'd like our grandchildren to be able to survive on. There is a way forward and it makes sense.

Cheryl Wolfe

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Quist for all

Voting for Rob Quist for Montana's representative in Washington is without a doubt the most important vote we are going to be able to make until 2020! ("No experience necessary," March 30). The Koch brothers cartel is pouring millions of dollars into Montana and delivering scathing negative advertising against Rob.

Greg Gianforte isn't the right guy to fight for Montana in the House. He would be just one of the boy's rubber-stamping the Republican agenda, kow-towing to Grover Norquist and his Republican puppets, all joining Trump and his gang of Kleptocrats ripping off the American taxpayers.

Rob Quist is the only guy running who respects all Montanans, and we need a fresh voice to stand up for all of us, not just a few of us!

Dennis Petrak

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Nobody better?

I don't mind that Quist is an "outsider," but I do have issues with him being fiscally irresponsible, particularly his lack of payment to a contractor that did work on his property. Didn't pay taxes, didn't pay his bills, stiffed workers? Sounds like a country-western version of Trump. Yeah, I'll vote for Quist to keep Greg Gianforte out of office, but as Democrats, is this really the best we can do?

Lynne Marie Duncan

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Life & the good death

Having been a physical therapist for forty years, I have personally seen how much trauma, pain and suffering the human body can endure and overcome. The human body is incredible at recovering and healing from injury. There is a limit, however, to what the human body can endure during the dying process. My mother's death in 2014 gave me firsthand insight into how the human body shuts down. No treatment would prevent the inevitable, and she did not want to prolong the process.

My mom and I both believe that individuals should have the right to choose what course of treatment to seek if they are diagnosed with a terminal illness. People have choices in their health care in all phases of life and in death. Decisions and discussions about what to do should be between the person and their faith, their family and their physician.

Two separate attempts were made this legislative session to criminalize doctors who provide prescriptions for medical aid in dying, and both failed, as did other attempts in 2011, 2013 and 2015. The majority of Montanans feel they should be able to die in accordance with their personal values and beliefs, and the government should not be involved in that choice.

Kristen Wood


Seeding control

Senate Bill 155 is an egregious overreach by out-of-state groups to take local control from Montanans. This bill would change Montana seed laws and take power from the hands of our local officials, which is where it has been for decades, and where it should stay.

The language of SB 155 can be found in several other state Legislatures right now, all developed by a pay-to-play group funded by Monsanto, Dow and the Koch brothers. Montanans aren't about to be duped by a few billionaires. (Or are we?)

The billionaires pushing this bill are trying to centralize all of the power in areas of the government that are inaccessible to regular people and farmers like me.

Right now we are seeing more and more how hard it is to accomplish anything at the federal and state levels, but I know my local officials because they are my neighbors. I prefer to work with them on local issues, rather than with strangers who don't understand how we work out here in Olive, Montana.

So why is our Legislature taking away local control of what is grown in our communities? Power and money.

While they are trying to say that they are saving local producers from mythical groups that want to prevent you from using specific seeds, what about the other side, where the state is trying to force us all to use certain seeds that contaminate everyone else's fields?

Tell Gov. Bullock to veto SB 155.

Walter Archer


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