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A more important issue for Montanans than whether hunting deer or elk makes for a true "Montanan" ("If hunting is such a core 'Montana value,' how come most Montanans don't hunt?" May 11) is whether that individual treasures and respects Montana's public lands wildlife, and wants to keep public lands in public hands.

Mary Costello public lands

I know that Rob Quist had tax liens and $20,000 in debts, and that he struggled financially for years. I also know that he paid his debts, which were due to medical expenses following a botched surgery. I personally know what it's like to spend years paying medical-related debt caused by circumstances, not by a character defect. I won't fault Quist for this.

Neither will I judge Greg Gianforte for not being from Montana. I won't assume that multimillionaire status makes him out of touch with ordinary Montanans. I admire his financial success.

I only care about these questions: What does each man each stand for? Most importantly, who will fight to conserve our public lands? The only answer is Quist. He has spoken continuously about his passion and commitment to preserve our public lands, whereas Gianforte has not. Gianforte openly supports candidates and funds organizations that want to sell Montana's public lands. He also petitioned FWP and sued Montana in an effort to eliminate public stream access near his property.

Let's put aside our political divides and unite to safeguard the majestic beauty of our state. Let's elect Rob Quist.

Heidi McCormick


Thanks for sharing

Grew up in Montana. Still visit regularly and own land there. Still hunt at 69, butcher and eat the venison I take. Wouldn't vote for a carpetbagging rich jerk from the East on a bet. Wish I could vote for Quist.

Ken Robertson

Sins of omission

This article ("Muddy the waters," May 11) missed commenting on the science that was clearly presented at the conference. As usual, the evolutionist-leaning journalist ignored commenting on the scientific facts that are presented that clearly contradict the evolutionary storyline. There is no recognition of the worldview basis Ken Ham addresses that each scientist starts from informing their presuppositions that they use to interpret the facts. All science has this basis—can't get out of it by claiming to be completely objective. No such person exists. I would really like to see evolutionists make their case with true science, not ad hominem attacks or innuendo. They need to address the scientific mechanisms (or lack thereof) that allow naturally occurring chemicals to form life in natural conditions (all scientific studies show these to be hostile to life molecules). What mechanism allows chemicals in their natural state to defy the second law of thermodynamics? How can life molecules form and begin chemical processes without the enzymatic catalysts needed to speed up chemical reactions to the point life can be sustained while waiting for the next evolutionary change? Please address the mathematics that show the chance of life molecules forming by chance is so miniscule no amount of time will allow it to happen. Please show how natural selection adds information at the genetic level; all observations and empirical testing show genetic loss with natural selection, not additions. Evolutionists continue to shout aloud that evolution is a fact, but fail to address the science to prove it. It is time for a broader look at the facts rather than automaton allegiance to a 150-year-old hypothesis. Science can only advance as robust challenges are aired, examined and addressed.

Esther Fishbaugh

Ixnay on the Gianforte

Greg Gianforte is always blowing hot air. Now he has already reached the point where he no longer feels he has to be truthful with us Montana peasants ("What a tool believes," May 11). Apparently, Greg believes his love of money makes him a Christian and he has a great chance of getting into heaven. Obviously, Greg believes his lying doesn't violate any commandments, and that he can fool anybody or any being. Undeniably, Greg thinks taking food from the poor is "what Jesus would do," and says that the accumulation of wealth is his only value (greed).

Incredibly, Greg thinks supporting state-sponsored executions and illegal wars is being pro-life. Greg thinks it is his place, not God's, to pass judgment. Treacherously, Greg believes that outsourcing American jobs to dictators and oligarchs who hate our country is OK. He cites capitalism and the Bible as his guiding force here. Greg says the 30 pieces of silver he gets for betraying American workers has precedent in the Bible, and that the ends always justify the means.

The worst kind of people are the ones who violate their own stated values. Greg Gianforte violates every value Christianity stands for and exemplifies selfishness, hypocrisy and, above all, greed. He tells lies, worships money, has no respect for life, does business with our enemies and is an economic traitor. Let's put Greg on the dinosaur express and send this New Jersey-educated Californian back to the coastal swamp.

Alex Gray

Save the EPA

Some of you may not have had the opportunity to visit Butte, Anaconda, Libby, Great Falls and other communities impacted by industry in Montana's past. With the elimination of the EPA promised by Washington, D.C., in the name of job creation, I have to wonder what effect this might have on this "last, best place" we call home. Montana's streams, rivers, forests, air and land are all critical to the primary industries we hold dear. Ranching, farming and recreation are part of our heritage. Extraction industries, while promising good jobs for today, have often left us with poisoned water (read Berkeley Pit) and poisoned citizens (read Libby). Cut Bank native Rob Quist's cowboy boots are firmly planted in Montana's soil. On May 25, please join me in sending him to Washington to be our representative. We need his voice to help preserve our Big Sky Country for the next generations.

Helen McLeavy

Great Falls

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