The Beastro


WHAT YOU'RE EATING: The menu constantly changes, but it often features some combination of specialty tacos, burgers, sandwiches and fries.

WHO'S MAKING YOUR FOOD: Owner Cameron Williams keeps the operation running and the meat smoked, but it's a guy who goes by the name of "Shoehorn" who concocts the creative dishes.

BESTSELLER: Any of the tacos. Breakfast tacos, "lunch lady" tacos, pork belly tacos, lengua tacos, BLT tacos. People love tacos with their beer.

PRO TIP: The Draught Works Sunday brunch is not to be missed. Pair one of the brewery's breakfast beer cocktails with the Beastro's Big Dog Special, which varies wildly from week to week (crepes, sandwiches, gravy burgers) but always showcases Shoehorn's skills with farmers-market ingredients.


WHERE TO FIND IT: At Draught Works Thursday through Saturday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Brunch at Draught Works Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

WORD ON THE STREET: The Beastro, which has been hawking delicious street food since 2013, is the mobile arm of Westside restaurant Burns St. Bistro. And like the Bistro, the Beastro truck has a reputation for experimentation and a shifting menu. Chances are, the burger with pork belly and blue cheese you had last week won't be on the menu again for a while, but that's OK, because the grilled quail on cheesy grits with pickled cherries you're getting instead is exactly what you needed. You just didn't know it.

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