Ina's Indian Tacos


WHAT YOU'RE EATING: Fry bread, a Native American food that consists of dough rolled flat and deep-fried, made to order. When topped with chile, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese, it becomes an Indian taco.

WHO'S MAKING YOUR FOOD: Alyse Beauchamp, who's been making fry bread from her grandmother's recipe since 2015. "Ina" is the Assiniboine word for mother.

BESTSELLER: On a menu this simple, that's easy: the Indian taco.

PRO TIP: Beauchamp says a lot of the fry bread dough found at fairs and carnivals is just pizza dough or flattened dinner rolls, but her "Old Grandma" dough is made the traditional way each morning before the truck opens. It's fried to order and worth waiting a few minutes for.


WHERE TO FIND IT: Out to Lunch or Downtown ToNight, along with many Saturday festivals at Caras Park.

WORD ON THE STREET: Ina's keeps it pretty basic: a plain white truck serving up heaping portions of exactly what street food should be: filling, cheesy, and adorned with all the toppings your heart could desire. But Beauchamp is considering expanding the menu, so next year keep an eye out for cheese curds, bison burgers and bison chili.

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