What you’re drinking: The Old Post just seems like a beer bar. Maybe it’s the beer-and-a-burger special on Monday nights. Maybe it’s the pictorial riff on the evolutionary “March of Progress” above the beer list, which depicts a man devolving as his mug gets emptier. (I’d be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to point out that the actual “March of Progress” — you know, the visual progression of ape to man — is a crock of you-know-what. Evolution doesn’t work like that. It’s a branching bush! Not a straight line!)

Anyway, the Old Post is more than beer. The bartenders also serve up great mixed drinks, including this week’s cocktail: The Green Beret.

green beret

What it is: Vodka, lime White Claw hard seltzer, Red Bull and a splash of Midori, served with an orange slice and a cherry. Midori, by the way, is a melon-flavored, bright-green liqueur. The Old Post advertised the drink as a St. Patrick’s Day special, but it’s still on the chalkboard menu, and isn’t obnoxiously green or really in any way Irish. Mine was served in a pint glass.

What it tastes like: Orders of the $6 Green Beret come with a warning: “It’s very sweet.” True, but there are different kinds of sweet, which my obviously refined palate classifies as syrupy sweet or seltzer sweet. The Green Beret is the sharper seltzer kind — more like a Sierra Mist than a Mountain Dew. That’s a compliment. But here’s my warning: Don’t drink it on an empty stomach. This one’s fairly strong.

Where to find it: The Old Post, 103 W. Spruce St.

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