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Happiest Hour: Pay what you want at God Shot

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What you’re drinking: Whatever the heck you want. Coffee drinks, a sports beverage or a smoothie. I had a nice, thick breve on a cold and wet afternoon. God Shot is currently serving coffee from Hygge in Missoula, and they’ve also used Black Coffee and Helena roaster Caffeica as suppliers.

Where you’re drinking it: At the Source health club at 225 S. Russell St. The coffee-and-snack bar is in the lobby of the gym, but it’s open to the general public, no gym membership or workout required.


What you’re paying for it: Whatever the heck you want! For the time being, God Shot is a “Pay What You Wish” business, allowing customers to decide what they think their drink is worth. The bar, which opened this summer, started using the easy-to-swallow pricing structure in early November. Customers figure it out for themselves at the register.

Whose crazy idea was this? God Shot is owned by wife and husband Natalie and Gunnar Boose, 21 and 23, respectively, both current students at UM. “The main idea was that it would kind of take away the current adversarial pricing method at a lot of places and replace it with a method that would enable consumers to pay what they thought was a fair price,” Gunnar says. “It’s kind of silly people are paying more and more for a coffee, but they don’t have a say in the matter.” For the record, I paid $3.50 for my breve, and tipped $1.00.

How’s that working out? God Shot barista Drew says most people are paying a fair price for their drinks, while Gunnar says it’s just the occasional smoothie that’s being undervalued.

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