Where you are: The weather is getting nicer (though it’s still Missoula, so don’t count on anything), so it’s high time to make biking along the river a regular activity. However, once you get a block past Higgins Avenue, there’s a limited number of places to stop for a pit stop. Enter the Dog & Bicycle, a cafe and bakery located just off the Milwaukee Trail bike path next to Ogren Park in the Old Sawmill District.

What you’re drinking: Since I arrived too late in the day for caffeine, and too early to keep biking to a brewery, I was stuck scanning the menu for a bit. I decided to go for a kombucha offering that intrigued me for two reasons: I’d never heard of an Aronia berry before, and it was served on nitro tap.

Nitro-charged kombucha

Why nitro? Compared to other types of carbonation, nitrogen bubbles are smaller and more stable. I’ve had Starbucks’ cold brew on nitro, and I can attest that it is silky-smooth compared to the regular. I have also experienced a good stout on nitro — shout out to Guinness — which has a creamier head of foam. Nitro kombucha, however, is remarkably similar to regular kombucha. The nitro is supposed to smooth out the peaks and coax out more flavor, but I’m not sure I could tell the difference in a blind taste test. Regardless, it was refreshing. Aronia berries have a tart flavor that perfectly overpowers the natural kombucha taste. It worked as a midday pick-me-up and tided me over until beer time.

Where to find it: Kombucha is always served on nitro at the Dog & Bicycle, at 875 Wyoming St.

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