What you’re drinking: A traditional German pilsner modeled on the original recipe for Highlander’s signature beer, first brewed in 1910.

Why you’re drinking it: It’s baseball season! If your fantasy team is off to as red-hot a start as mine is (cheers, Patrick Corbin), then you’re itching to celebrate with a ballpark-staple pilsner. You don’t care about my fantasy team, of course, but students of Missoula and baseball history will know that the Highlander name pays homage to the New York club that would later become the Yankees. Note, too, that Missoula Brewing Company announced the release of its throwback pilsner on the eve of Major League Baseball’s March 29 opening day. Coincidence? I think not.

Missoula Brewing Company’s Original Pilsner

What it tastes like: This observation isn’t technically a tasting note, but the beer has a gorgeous gold color topped by a thick layer of foam. As far as pilsners go, it’s crisp and flavorful with an excellent balance between the hops and imported malt. Compared to contemporary domestic offerings, this one tastes nostalgic, a little bit like holding my dad’s old baseball cards.

The details: The Original Pilsner, (5.6 percent ABV, 30 IBUs) will be on tap for the next several months at Missoula Brewing Company, 200 International Drive. A pint costs $5.

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