What you’re drinking: Back to the Mother Kombucha, Missoula’s latest entrant into the microbrewed kombucha game. I tried the Lavender Chamomile, because I am a fan of aromatic and less-sweet flavors. Also, both those herbs purportedly have calming properties, and I was drinking it on a deadline day. This was a good choice—the slight natural sweetness of the chamomile and the slight astringency of the lavender were well balanced and refreshing. They have several other flavors. I look forward to trying the Citrus Ginger Hops next.

Why you’re drinking it: Because you don’t drink beer, or you’re participating in Drynuary and something about kombucha’s trace alcohol and fermentation satisfies the need for a refreshing beverage in the meantime. Or you’re into probiotics.


Where you can buy it: Back to the Mother is available at the Good Food Store, Fresh Market on Reserve Street and Orange Street Food Farm, and at the concession stand at the Roxy Theater. Find out more at backtothemother.earth

What’s different about this kombucha? Back to the Mother is a worker-owned co-op, according to founder Drew Holman. “We function without managers as everyone involved is an equal owner in the company,” Holman told us in an email. “We use sociocracy to communicate in round table discussions. This model lets the people doing the work decide how the work should be done.” The producer has also worked with Bayern Brewing to use bottles and labels compatible with Bayern’s recycling program, a rarity in Missoula.

“We are putting the power back into the hands of the people doing the work instead of continuing with the old model where the people at the top make profits off of no input on their end,” Holman writes. So if you’re thirsting for economic justice, bottoms up!

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