Why you’re here: Winter tends to put people in ruts. The cold, the snow and the wind force us inside, and Missoula offers only so many inside places, so we end up sitting in the same chairs and talking to the same friends as we drink the same drinks. Maybe it’s unfair to blame habits on the weather, but whatever. The wind can go to hell.

The antidote to winter is change, and this season Drum Coffee is coming through with a rotating menu of specialty coffee drinks that can make dreary mornings appear a less foreboding shade of gray. Each week, for the 15 weeks that begain Dec. 26 and continue through April 15, both Drum Coffee locations are featuring a new concoction dreamed up by one of the shop’s baristas. (Look for the bi-fold menu, teased as a “punk zine” on the shop’s Facebook page, on the counter.)

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What you’re drinking: Nine weeks in, the chance to taste the Pepper MochaMiko — a latte with honey, black pepper and dark chocolate cocoa powder that “reminds you of a sharp winter spanking from your mother,” per the menu — has sadly passed. So has the time for Kendra’s The Two Step, which adds “whispers” of mint and lavender syrup to cold brew.

Despair not, however, because on the menu through Feb. 25 is a drink distinctive enough (read: caffeinated) to jolt anyone from a winter slumber (read: seasonal affective disorder). Named “The Beurre Noisette” by a barista named Jess, whose grainy, black-and-white punk-zine photo suggests a love of plastic sunglasses and fake mustaches, this espresso is Drum’s answer to 5-hour Energy.

What it tastes like: The Beurre Noisette couples a ristretto shot with equal parts breve. Translated for the average coffee drinker, that means you’re drinking an extra-concentrated shot of espresso mixed with heavy cream. Then it’s finished with a dollop of housemade brown butter. So, yeah, this one will get you going — and make your tongue tingle. I sipped on these two ounces for 15 minutes, savoring the sharp, nutty flavor that cut right through the creamy texture, spreading across my taste buds like a sweet pang.

The details: Order these drinks at either Drum location, 600 South Ave. W. or 1000 E. Broadway St. Once the Beurre Noisette goes away on Feb. 25, a drink called the Beehive, also featuring a ristretto shot, takes its place.

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Staff reporter Derek Brouwer joined the Indy in 2015 after year-long stints covering education at the Billings Gazette and the Helena Independent Record. He graduated from Montana State University. Follow him on Twitter: @derekwbrouwer.

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