The scene: Was it a dumb idea to ignore my early cold symptoms and roll down to Lost Trail for some chilly Sunday skiing? Probably. Hacking up half a lung after a descent through some seriously buttery powder can’t be a good sign. But like my dad always says, a bad day skiing is better than a good day at work, and no ski day is truly complete without an apres beer. So here I am at Draught Works, brain foggy and nose adrip. Cold be damned, I’m fully committed to the skier’s weekend routine. I want a beer that reflects that commitment.

Full Send

The brew: There’s a new double IPA on the menu. Draught Works calls it Full Send, and it debuted during the brewery’s recent Strong Beer Week. The little voice in my head says I should avoid an 8.2 percent brew, but what does the voice know? It also told me not to take that five-foot drop off Bear Claw Ridge this afternoon, and I pulled that off just fine. The beer is a lighter hue than I expected. I thought the hops smell would be more overpowering, too, though that could just be my clogged sinuses. The taste is sweet, bordering on fruity, and I could see myself getting carried away if I ordered more than one. Especially after pounding all that DayQuil.

The name: Why is Full Send so appropriate to my situation? Because in the vacuous proto-language of snowsports culture, “full send” means going for it with complete commitment. Usually the term is reserved for those who huck cliffs without acknowledgement of consequence. But I like to think that throwing health considerations to the wind in the name of good turns and pleasing brews qualifies.

The place: Get a pint of Full Send Double IPA for $6 at Draught Works, 915 Toole Ave. ­

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