Dobi's Teriyaki


WHAT YOU'RE EATING: Take-out style teriyaki

WHO'S MAKING YOUR FOOD: Owner-operator Bret Ferris doesn't consider himself a chefhe's more of a guy who couldn't let go of his hometown favorite. Ferris moved to Missoula in 2002 from Seattle, home of a vibrant teriyaki scene, and spent the next decade-plus learning how to make it himself. Finally satisfied with his recipe, he opened Dobi's in 2014.

BESTSELLER: "The Classic." Hand-trimmed and marinated chicken thigh meat chopped and served over white rice with homemade teriyaki sauce.

PRO TIP: Request the "city cut" for traditional long strips of chicken, or go "beast mode" to add mandarin oranges and crunchy wonton strips to the Classic.


WHERE TO FIND IT: Dobi's is a staple on the brewery/Fort Missoula/Caras Park circuit. For a full schedule, visit or @dobisteriyaki on Facebook.

WORD ON THE STREET: Don't expect to find noodle dishes at Dobi's. Ferris has nothing against them, but that's not how teriyaki is served in Seattle, so that's not how Dobi's serves it here.

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