De La Calle


WHAT YOU'RE EATING: Classic street tacos with four different meat options and three different salsas

WHO'S MAKING YOUR FOOD: Marquéz Ruiz uses his own recipe for the chorizo; his wife, Nicole, created the carne asada marinade; and their friend Andreas Buitron brought in the carnitas. All of the recipes were created at backyard barbecues. The food is largely locally sourced, with tortillas made fresh at Trevino's Tortillas in Billings.

BESTSELLER: Carne asada

PRO TIP: Get there early. These tacos have fans, and it's not unheard of for De La Calle to sell out early.

PRICE RANGE: It's $5 for two tacossimple.

WHERE TO FIND IT: De La Calle parks next to the Southside KettleHouse every other Saturday at noon. The @delacallellc Facebook page updates current locations.

WORD ON THE STREET: Buitron and Ruiz first met through Zoo City Zymurgists and got acquainted at backyard barbecues, where they originally developed their tacos. About two years ago, they decided to give the food truck idea a shot. Ruiz says the key is simplicity: just meat, cilantro, onions and salsa.

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