Big Thai Country


WHAT YOU'RE EATING: Authentic Thai cuisine

WHO'S MAKING YOUR FOOD: Owner Jume Slover was raised in Thailand and has lived in Missoula for 15 years. After a decade working as a chef, she fired up her food truck last year as a way to offer her personal creations Missoula-wide.

BESTSELLER: Crispy shrimp with Panang curry. The shrimp is deep fried and topped with Panang curry paste, cooked in coconut milk with vegetables and served over rice.

PRO TIP: The food is made to order, so don't hesitate to request your preferred level of spice.


WHERE TO FIND IT: Lunch at Fort Missoula, dinnertime at Draught Works or Great Burn, Out to Lunch at Caras Park and more. Follow @BigThaiCountry on Facebook for daily schedules, or call 240-9511.

WORD ON THE STREET: Most dishes can be prepared gluten free or vegetarian, and if you don't see your favorite special on the day's menu, ask for it anyway. "If we have the ingredients, we'll make it for you," Slover says. And be sure to treat yourself to a crunchy egg roll, which comes out piping hot for just $1 each.

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