In the 19th century, artistic trends started to move away from the hyper-realistic portraits that had dominated fine art circles in the previous century. In their place, still life paintings made a dramatic return with artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Francisco Goya and Mary Cassatt making names for themselves. These artists valued precision, careful composition and the placement of light. They often painted rotting fruit or decaying carcasses, things that changed and morphed faster than they could be painted with the detail required.

Still Life No. 7

Inspired by these old masters of painting, San Francisco-based dancers Jenny Stulberg and Lauren Simpson have been choreographing dances based on classic still life paintings. The seventh of these dance collaborations, titled, appropriately enough, Still Life No. 7, based on American artist John Frederick Peto's Job Lot Cheap continues this trend. Focusing on the same precision, composition and lighting with their movements as still life painters did with their brushes, the duo move together, creating a graceful, kinetic representation of a moment frozen in time.

Still Life No. 7 with Jenny Stulberg and Lauren Simpson Thu., Jan. 25–Fri., Jan. 26 at 8 PM, Sat., Jan. 27 at 2 PM and 8 PM at the open space in the PARTV Building. $19/$15 advance. Visit for more info.

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