Ah, Rent. Jonathan Larson's musical about how making art is more important than paying your landlord may not be the cultural juggernaut it was when it first hit the boards of Broadway in 1996, but its impact is still felt today. Not only has the show been touring pretty much non-stop since 1998, we've also had two decades of parody, pastiche and at least one awful film adaptation. But keeping in tradition of the show, I, myself being a bohemian artist, am going to abandon this Spotlight halfway through to write a series of haikus that have nothing to do with Rent. See, when you're a dedicated artist like I am, you've just got to create art and not sweat the small stuff like having a job or a place to live. (Editor's Note: Jesus Christ, Charley, we've talked about this).


Frankenstein's Monster

I named my dog after you

What a great actor

Meet me at the bar

Which one, you ask me, unsure.

How about Flippers?

(Editor's Note: Charley, this is stupid and bad)

I don't drink coffee

And I don't drink tea either

My nalgene is full

(Editor's Note: Please rewrite this whole thing before we go to print or you're fired)

Rent 20th Anniversary Tour hits the Adams Center on Fri., Jan. 12 at 8 PM. $46.50 - $61.50

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