Zebulon Kosted bills itself as “avant garde black metal” and while I don’t know exactly what that means, or what exactly I think about Zebulon Kosted, I like that they exist. ZK’s You Have No Race You Have No Culture is a pretty strong example of the best of this kind of music. Toiling in the underground has had the effect of hardening up the band, making their already evil sound that much more focused and channeled and ultimately weird. The first several songs start off in a pretty typical way, with what you’d expect from a brutal black metal group. Later in the record, the band embraces some genre-bending and that’s where it gets interesting. I really like the desperation in the second half of “With the Best Of Intentions” when Rashid (Abdel Ghafur) sings and the desperation of his sung (vs. evil style) vocal is twice as impactful. “That False God” features audio samples and rhythms/sounds evoking Jim Thurwell from Foetus and Bob Bert’s drumming in Pussy Galore. It’s a good palate cleanser for diving back into the single note shredding and screeched vocals. This is a really well-recorded piece with inventive songs and refreshing diversity, especially if you dig intense, weird music.

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