In 2012, I wrote about Missoula band Tidal Horn’s newest album at the time and, more specifically, its album art featuring an illustration of a yeti taking a big bite out of a mountain goat. That imagery captured the band’s epic, over-the-top stoner-rock appeal. Tidal Horn guitarist/singer Sam Kaley started the band Cannon in 2016 with bassist Jordan Swede Demander and drummer Lucas Wild Barrey, and their recent eponymous release carries over a lot of the same elements (even though Cannon’s album cover is a cool, but subdued woodcut-style cannon etched in black and white). The songs include heavy, galloping power-chord rock broken up by not-too-gratuitous, but still gnarly, squealing guitar solos and several psychedelic breakdowns. It’s hard to tell what they’re singing about, though with titles such as “Tarantula Hawk” and “Blind Acid King,” you kind of get the idea.

canon, canon

Kaley’s hypnotic vocals serve as a satisfying contrast to the loud, expansive soundscape. Some songs feel like they bleed into others, but there’s always enough variation to suck you in. The final track, a cover of “For the Love of Ivy,” written by Jeffrey Lee Pierce and Kid Congo Powers, is brilliantly executed in all its burn-it-down, garage-rock glory.

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