Kyle Boone plays as Breakfast for Dinner at the Badlander Fri., March 2, at 9:30 PM, as part of KGBA’s Endofthon. $5.

Kyle Boone’s sparse use of vocals on his new album made it a great soundtrack for my weekend. His bass guitar bolstered me as I braved the polar vortex driving to the movie theater (only spun out once), and his stripped-down Radiohead-esque beats kept me company while I worked. It’s simple, easy to listen to and easier to relegate as a background jam — exactly the kind of mix I want to hear playing in the background at the Union Club when I’m downing a pitcher with my buddies.

Boone’s sound shifts between soft rock and a funkier synth-style groove, like in tracks “Lava Lamp Swank” and “Funk in a Box.”

kyle boone

He also changes tone briefly to pull off a nice, subtle-but-edgy acoustic bluegrass sound in his second track, “Things That Were,” which caught my attention: I latched onto the Lil’ Smokies vibe that prompted a few re-listens before I got through album.

The instrumentals on The Waffles LP aren’t complex and they remain mellow throughout, which makes me wonder what Boone sounds like with a band backing him (he currently tours as part of Breakfast for Dinner). Each track is a tasty exploration of funk-rock fusion.

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