Live and on record: Crushed, by Sundae Crush


Seattle's Sundae Crush would have been a pretty good pick as one of the real-life bands that got to play the Roadhouse, aka the Bang Bang Bar, the fictional venue that was featured in the final scene of nearly every episode of the most recent season of Twin Peaks. The dream-pop band evokes the show's primary soundtrack singer, Julee Cruise, whose gauzy soundscapes work perfectly with the creepy, secretive happenings within the David Lynch universe.

Sundae Crush's most recent album, Crushed, sounds like music for warm summer nights, eating ice cream and dreaming of secret crushes. Think of "Ice Cream Run" as the song version of the "check yes or no" notes that were passed to you in high school (and more subtle than the George Strait song "Check Yes or No"). Two-thirds of the way through, it speeds up and takes off like two teenagers who just decided to skip class to get ice cream. Other songs, like "Swept," which reminds me of a lo-fi indie-rock version of "Earth Angel," show hints of heartbreak and small fissures of anxiety. But mostly this is an album for escaping into the sweet distraction of, you know, eating ice cream and forgetting everything else.

Camp Daze presents Sundae Crush at the ZACC Below Fri., Oct. 13, at 7 PM, along with Diners, Real Life Buildings and others. $10.

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