I think we can all agree that 1993's Groundhog Day is one of those films that's going to be around forever. It's a hilarious and often heart-warming film made by legendary filmmakers at the top of their game. It also has the benefit of being tied to a completely useless holiday. Why not watch a movie about a TV weatherman inexplicably repeating the same day?

And while Bill Murray's character's arc only takes about 100 minutes of screen-time, the question remains, how long was he trapped in that time loop in the fiction of the film? The original screenwriter set the time trapped as 10,000 years. Director Harold Ramis, however, revealed in his DVD commentary that he always thought Bill Murray's character was trapped repeating Groundhog Day for only about 10 years. It's better than 100 centuries, but still a very long time.

groundhog day

The Roxy Theater celebrates the film with another day-long marathon of the comedy classic. This year, however, adds a little twist. While you can stop in for any screening of Groundhog Day during the 12-hour marathon, if you make it through all six screenings of the movie, without checking your phone, cracking a book or falling asleep, you win a full year of free movies and free popcorn at the Roxy.

Groundhog Day challenge at The Roxy Theater, Fri., Feb 2, starting at 11 AM. $10–$25. For more info go to theroxytheater.org.

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