Tinder's identity may be tied to its origins as a hook-up app, but here in Mayberry, Montana, the phrase "no hookups" is almost ubiquitous in user profiles. Many potential new flames claim to be looking mostly for friends and climbing buddies first, with the coy prospect of "possibly something more" left to the ill-defined future. That can create some confusion when it comes to where you and your maybe-someday paramour should choose to meet up for the first time. If the average profile is to be trusted, Missoula's Tinderers are a hike-hungry bunch, and Missoula isn't short on options. Probably the best, for these purposes, is Waterworks Hill. It's quiet enough for conversation, exposed enough for safety, and you can show off the puppy that your date actually swiped right for. Best of all, your constant movement means you won't become the unwitting subject of someone else's game of "spot the Tinder date."

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