Ascents, descents—either way, as long as it’s not lazing at a static elevation, it’s in the Trail Head’s wheelhouse. On the water front, there’s no better place to try before you buy. The Trail Head will rent you canoes, kayaks, rafts, paddle boards, packrafts (check out the new line of Alpacka rafts) and all the accoutrement to make for a safe day on the river (or lake, if that’s your thing). If fighting gravity is more your speed, it’s got the gear for that, too, from helmets to harnesses to grappling hooks. Not sure quite what you require? Just ask. They’re happy—and well equipped—to help. The Trail Head:

221 E Front St •

543-6966 •

Finalists, Best Store for Mountaineering Gear

2. REI

3275 N Reserve St •

541-1938 •

3. Bob Ward & Sons

3015 Paxson St •

728-3220 •

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