2015 winner Slikati Photography is back for a second bite of the apple this year, keeping things interesting in a highly competitive field. Slikati’s calling card is two shooters—that’d be husband-and-wife team Tom and Tonya Slikati—and whether you’re looking to memorialize your wedding, spruce up your LinkedIn profile, document your fundraiser or update your headshot, they’ve got the angles covered. They’d probably be happy to hook you up with a new Tinder profile photo, for that matter. And trust us, you need a new Tinder photo. Slikati Photography: 126 E Broadway, Ste 11 • 274-0592 • slikati.com

Finalists, Best Photographer

2. Mike Williams: 817 S Higgins Ave • 549-4474 • mikewilliamsphotography.com

3. Brian Powersbpowphoto.com