Need someone to check on your pooch during an extra-long day at work? How about day care? A day hike? Boarding? Grooming? At Quick Paws, the answer is yes. No matter which service you need, the Quick Paws crew is ready to build a relationship with your pet. Prove it, you say? Look no further than the online day-hike photo gallery, which includes a most excellent recent photo of a galloping French Bulldog named Jacques. Jacques is having fun. Jacques might not mind if you get tied up with work all week. Quick Paws: 1720 S 3rd St W • 721-1943 •

Finalists, Best Pet Care/Boarding

2. Alpine Canine • 3275 N Reserve St, #D • 541-4453 •

3. Cats on Broadway • 1450 W Broadway • 728-0022 •