Best Karaoke Bar

Best Karaoke Bar: Bowl Dog Lounge, Westside Lanes

Yes, it’s a phenomenal bowling alley, and yes, there’s also a top-notch arcade. But the real draw of Westside Lanes is the Bowl Dog Lounge, where Missoula’s best (and worst) vocalists offer their takes on classic tracks from all eras of popular music. Want to try your hand at the Eagles? Go for it. Nu-metal more your style? Trust us, all the Korn and Limp Bizkit you could want is available. The crowd will love you even if you suck, and the adjacent bar is always ready to deliver the liquid courage you need to belt out your troubles. Bowl Dog Lounge, Westside Lanes: 1615 Wyoming St • 721-5263 •

Finalists, Best Karaoke Bar

2. The Badlander • 208 Ryman • 549-0235 •

3. Dark Horse • 1805 Regent St • 728-0934

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