Best Green Business

Best Green Business: Home ReSource

Sustainability, yeah, yeah. Of course Home ReSource is sustainable (they’re reselling salvage from the Merc’s wreckage, after all). But let’s talk about how much fun this place is. The aisles are Missoula’s DIY sandbox, a place where grownups can let their imaginations run wild. Practical imagining, to boot. When our dog chewed up the carpet last month, we headed over before the landlord could find out. Bingo, bango, bongo, we found just the right scrap. Consider the carpet repaired. Cost? $2. Home ReSource: 1515 Wyoming St • 541-8300 •

Finalists, Best Green Business

2. Green Light • 301 N Higgins Ave • 541-0080 •

3. Good Food Store • 1600 S 3rd St W • 541-3663 •

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