Talk about living up to your name. This year the Good Food Store again takes the blue ribbon for best salad, best fresh produce and best vegetarian food. Opened by a group of friends 45 years ago, the store’s mission is to provide natural, organic and local products to the Missoula area, with an added focus on waste reduction, reuse, recycling and community giving. Over the past two years, the store has grown more than 8,000 square feet, adding a larger bakery, expanded seating, a wares store, a bigger kitchen and additional storage space—changes that make the store better able to offer what readers consistently like best. Good Food Store: 1600 S 3rd St W • 541-3663 •

Finalists, Best Produce

2. Orange Street Food Farm • 701 S. Orange St • 543-3188 •

3. Farmers Markets • Downtown Missoula (seasonal)

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