For eight years now, the Missoula Club and Five Guys have been going toe to toe for Best of Missoula burger supremacy, sucking pretty much all the air out of the contest even in a town that suffers no shortage of quality burgers. This year, the old reliable Mo Club burger noses back into the lead again, forgoing as ever anything that might be construed as fancy in favor of the greasily tried and true. No need to see a menu, just pick your patties—1, 2 or 3—and settle in at the bar with a beer to watch that little grill light up. And yeah, sure, that’s the ghost of coronaries future you’re wolfing down, but if that’s the worst thing that happens to you during a night of downtown drinking, well, we’d say you’re winning. Missoula Club:

139 W Main St • 728-3740

Finalists, Best Burger

2. Five Guys Burgers & Fries

820 E Broadway •

830-3262 •

3. Flipper's Tavern & Casino

125 S 3rd St. W •


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