Big things have been brewing at KettleHouse over the past year, and we’re not just talking about that 8 percent Brick and Mortar ale at the Northside taproom. Last summer, Cold Smoke picked up another gold medal at the North American Beer Awards. Then, in December, KettleHouse announced the addition of an outdoor music amphitheater at its new Bonner production facility. And while it may be tempting to speculate on what could possibly be next, it makes a lot more sense to sit back and enjoy the ride with them. Clutching a frosty one, of course. Cold Smoke Scotch Ale, Kettlehouse Brewing Company: 313 N 1st St; 602 Myrtle St • 728-1660 •

Finalists, Best Brew

2. Summer Honey, Big Sky Brewing Co.

3. Eddy Out, KettleHouse Brewing Company