Bartending at the Rhino seems like it might have less to do with mixing exotic drinks and more to do with managing the 50 or so kegs the bar has tapped at any given time, but what do we know—we just drink there. Either way, bartender Anne Hancock is just as adept at assembling a Long Island Iced Tea as she is at helping patrons navigate the Rhino’s gallery of daily beer specials. And whatever she’s doing, she’s obviously doing it right, having climbed from 3rd place in this category in 2015 to runner-up last year to queen of the hill. Come to think of it, we’ll just have what she’s she’s having. Anne Hancock, The Rhino • 158 Ryman St • 721-6061 •

Finalists, Best Beer Selection

2. Dram Shop

229 E Front St •

540-4303 •

3. TIE:

3. Tamarack Brewing Company

231 W Front St •

830-3113 •

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