Jeff Medley is everywhere. His madcap style has made him popular in the theater, especially as the wacky Riff Raff in the Montana Actors’ Theatre’s annual production of The Rocky Horror Show. On screen, he often steals the show even when he’s a minor character, as in his performance in the Missoula-based superhero web series “M Squad,” where he plays Jin, a bizarro “all powerful” genie who offers to grant the superhero team 73 wishes. Medley isn’t one to be typecast, though. Earlier this year he pulled off a moving and understated performance in the mind-bending romantic drama Constellations. His charisma, sincerity and comedic timing are just a few of the reasons he regularly wins this category.

Finalists, Best Actor/Actress

2. Lily Gladstone

3. TIE:

Howard Kingston

Rosie Ayers

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